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Our company takes great pride in providing home modifications in perth. That are mostly designed to support and the needs of the elderly and disabled.

These other modifications have been developed over the years in response to the requests and feedback of our valued clients, and we have incorporated them into our business to ensure that we are able to offer the most comprehensive range of services possible. 


Learn more about the other variety of modifications that we offer, or to contact us directly by filling out the request form below. 

Other Modification Services Include

*CCTV Alarm System & Intercom Upgrades

*Shower screen Replacements

*Shower Hob Reductions (Where Applicable Terms & Conditions Apply).

*Hi-Vis Non Slip Tape Installations To Areas Not Really Visible Anymore

*Emergency Muster Points & Disabled Parking Bays

*Non Slip Treatment To Bathroom Floors or Retiling With A Non Slip Tile. (If Required)

*Installation of Heated Towel Rails



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